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6 Ingredients to Create Non-toxic Homemade Cleaning Product

Here are the most common and most useful non-toxic cleaning ingredients to create your own cleaning product.


Baking Soda











Baking soda has been proven to have the ability to kill viruses. Baking soda also a powerful cleaner, which also deodorizes smelly carpets and brightens white shirts and colorful clothing.  The best part is baking soda cuts through grease and grime, which comes in handy in the kitchen.

Castile Soap










This type of soap is made up of only plant oils. Castile soap does not contain any animal products or chemical detergents. Castile soap is best used for cutting the grease out and perfectly cleans your most messy areas of your home.













Vinegar is a wonderful cleaning product because it cuts the most stubborn grease, grime, and scum. This can be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and anywhere that requires a spotless cleaning.


Lemon Juice










I love the smell of lemon juice. Lemon Juice destroys mold and nasty mildew. This is so good to clean the bathroom. It can also be used in the kitchen to cut grease from the stove, floor, or even the microwave.


Olive Oil










Not only is it better option to cook your wonderful meals, but it is also good as a polisher and a cleaner for your furniture too.

Essential Oils








For those who do not like the potent smell of vinegar, essential oils are perfect to help create a great scent for the homemade cleaning products. Keep in mind, these oils are extracted from certain plants, so if you have a specific allergy to certain plants, do your research before adding essential oils to your products.



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