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8 Fun Halloween Costumes For Kids

I am so in love with dressing up the little ones in cute costumes. It does not have to be Halloween to dressed them up however you want. But, since Halloween is around the corner, I was looking for some inspiration on some awesome and cute costumes for babies and toddlers.

Here are 10 cute costumes I found on various websites that you will totally love to dress your kiddos this Halloween.


Pikachu (via KeiyoMayo @ Etsy)










This one is so adorable. Your kiddo will be so comfy because it is like a onesie, and fashionable too as a Pikachu.


Finding Dory (via Jolibe @ Etsy)










This costume is more for toddlers or at a walking age. It is so cute and easy to put on. It is a body suit and is lightweight.


Finding Nemo (via Brit + Co.)

10 Fun Halloween Costumes For Babies










This costume is more of a DIY which looks pretty issue to put together for your adorable toddler. For boys, orange sweatpants should be fine. For girls, the orange tights and cute orange and white tutu is perfect.


Alice in Wonderland (via Costume Works)










I found this cute costume at Costume Works which also has details on how they made the costume. Does she look adorable, or what?


The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland (via Costume Works)










This adorable White Rabbit costume was also found at Costume Works and let me tell ya, I wish my boys were that small again so I can dress them up exactly like this cute kiddo.


Where’s Waldo? (via Say Yes)










OMG! Look at all those stripes!!! This DIY costume for your little one is so easy and so cute. A striped onesie and some blue sweat pants are perfect for this ensemble. What do you think? Check it out at the makers of this genius costume at Say Yes.


Pebbles from The Flintstones(via Babble)










This DIY I found at the awesome people at Babble. They provide the how-to’s to make this cute costume for a little girl to be Pebbles. I just cannot stop loving this costume and the colors are so bright and cute.


Harry Potter (via Paper, Pens and Polaroids)










This one is so cool for bigger boys who are totally into Harry Potter saga. This one from Paper, Pens and Polaroids did an awesome job creating these costumes and so easy to recreate. A plain red cape should suffice and add the emblem patch of Griffindor, along their awesome black glasses and small brooms. Boom! Ready to fly away and defeat Voldermort!


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