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The Beauty Of Mantras To Overcome Holiday Stress

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the season to celebrate with family and loved ones. The holidays is all about giving, but it can also produce stress and isolation.

It is the time of festive decorations, sparkly holiday photo cards, and reading the ever-present Christmas letters from friends showing off their many accomplishments throughout the year. It is very easy to not only get involved in the overeating and overspending, but also the self-loathing and the family emotional scars.

I would like to share some beautiful mantras to help you beat the holiday stress and to keep you grounded so you can fully enjoy this year’s holiday season.

Before you Begin

When you read these phrases, focus on the ones that speak to you personally and then pick a couple of them that is most applicable to you. Practice using these phrases on the daily and memorize them so that you can utilize them when you need them the most any time of the day.


The Beauty of Mantras to Overcome Holiday Stress

I am free to accept all the warmth, the bliss, and the nourishment of the holidays.

Plan on establishing and reinforcing friendships and connections, especially connecting to the person within you during this holiday season.


I accept myself as I am.  I get to decide what is and what will be good for my well-being.

Keep in mind on the environment and people you want to be with during the holidays. Choose the ones that will compliment to your well-being. Put your health and wellness above all things, but don’t be too strict about it either.


The past is the past and I’ve let go of the pain it has caused me. I am open to love again.

Anger and resentment can easily crawl back to you from a broken relationship or a traumatic moment. Use this mantra if you are still in the process of letting go and allow your heart to be free to give love and accept love, especially this holiday.


With an open heart, I am willing to love others as they are.

Visiting family can make you fall back into old habits and attitudes towards someone. Focus on opening your heart and accept others as they are. Don’t dwell on how you wish others should be. If you feel frustrated, take a break and go for a walk to bring yourself back to inner peace.


Life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate it.

Focus on the true meaning of the holidays. Grant yourself to completely seize the wonderful moments of what the holidays is all about.


I finish all my duties smoothly and efficiently.

Sometimes you might feel a sense of panic, or feeling overwhelmed. The best approach is to take a deep breath, stop what you are currently doing, and get in touch with your senses. Choose what needs to be done first and which ones can wait for another time. Emphasize on what requires more of your attention. Take it one step at a time.


 I opt for the present time/moment and choose to fill it with excitement, happiness and radiance.

Pay attention to your breathing patterns. Once you focus on your breathing, you’re paying attention on the present time. This way it will help to stop worrying about the future and/or dwell on the past. Look into the blessings of now and the present moment.


The act of gratefulness speaks to me and it belongs in my life.

Think about how lucky you are that you have peace and wellness. Better yet, always be thankful for what you have. If you are filled with gratitude, why not share it and give some to those who are in need. The act of giving is the best way to reach deep inside you, open your heart, and experience the true meaning of the holidays.


Hope this helps to achieve happiness and less stress during the holidays. If you have other mantras you put into practice, I would like to know. Leave a comment below.


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