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How to Find Hope and Motivation During Tough Times

There are times when I feel really down and hopeless. I bet some of you have felt that way too some time in your life. It not only affects oneself, it also affects the people around you. For example, when I feel blue and with no motivation, my kids feel it. They come to me and they give me a hug and tell me everything is gonna be OK. I know having my kids see this side of me is not healthy for them, and some people might agree, but when you have a connection with your kids in a deep level, they automatically know, like a sixth sense. I don’t have to tell them for them to know mommy is not herself today.

As I was looking at articles online for inspiration on how to find hope when things get tough, I came across this article by Marc and Angel Hack Life. The article is about mantras that can help for those who have lost hope and motivation. It talks about giving oneself a second and third chances in life; not to give up because the next try might be the one that can change your life for the better. I am completely inspired and I kept reading on how they cope with situations like these, and it is something that everyone can relate.

What is a Mantra?

I am not one who is connected with my inner spirit, to be honest. I do want to certainly try. It does not hurt to try, right? But what exactly is a Mantra? Mantras are pure words and/or phrases that have the potential to block the negativity and encourage change in life.

Marc and Angel states that in order to move forward from the painful experience, one needs to practice to free one’s mind so that one can think clearly and create an opening to make the next step.


Marc and Angel invites the reader to be open in order for one to face with the specific struggle. It was hard for me to allow myself to open my mind and accept my painful emotions and the feelings the struggle has created.

 Openness means you don’t instantly decide that you know this is only going to be a horrible experience—it means you admit that you don’t really know what the next step will be like, and you’d like to understand the whole truth of the matter. It’s a learning stance, instead of one that assumes the worst.

My interpretation to the meaning Openness is one does not have to always assume the worst in a situation, but when a situation turns bad, one needs to understand and accept that you don’t know what is going to happen next. You certainly want to find out what is going to happen after the bad experience, whether good or bad. That means, taking the next step. How to do you want to go about this situation? Do you want to make it better? Do you want to make it worst? How do you want to approach this?

I for one tend to think of the worst when something bad happens. I receive bad news and I automatically say to myself this is going to be bad. This is going to haunt me for months. I hate myself for thinking this way. But knowing how to change that mindset, maybe things will turn out for the better. I just have to keep a positive mindset by repeatedly remind myself good thoughts over and over. With practice, I can turn my frown upside down when things get rough.

Daily Reflections to Keep Motivated

This is where these Mantras come in handy. Marc and Angel tells the reader to keep those positive thoughts at the top of your head so that it is right there for when you need it. Instead of soul searching every time something bad happens, why not have a list of good thoughts and affirmations so that you can quickly bounce back and continue with your life again.

They call them reflections because you can remember these words or phrases when you need them, anytime, anywhere. You can create your own personal reflections, or you can practice with the ones they provided here. I will also post these mantras at another post, that way it will be easier for me to go back if I need inspiration.

The True Meaning of Peace

Marc and Angel made me realize about the word peace. Their interpretation really got me in a mind blowing way and I want to share it with you.

… peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard realities to deal with—peace means to be in the midst of all those things while remaining calm in your head and strong in your heart.

This is one phrase I want to reflect on for sure. I need to remind myself the true meaning of peace and remind myself how strong I can be. I CAN go through this. I AM capable of overcoming this obstacle because I know who I am and what I am capable of. I AM strong. I AM smart. I AM independent.

Thanks Marc and Angel for these wise words and beautiful article. I hope others can make use of this and find their inner peace to move forward when times are tough.

Do you have ways to cope during a bad situation? I would like to hear from you. Please share your ideas below.

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